H33TWelcome to H33T as you already know H33T has been blocked in most countries H33T was one of the largest torrent indexing sites ever known to man not only was H33T one of the largest sites it was also one of the best with a huge community with much love for the website. Now that H33T has been blocked as well as other popular torrent sites the sites that have not been blocked have now begun receiving more traffic.

What is H33T?

H33T is a website which user submit torrent files H33T does not actually host any illegal content it simple lists torrent files and torrent files themselves are not actually illegal. However the site has been blocked and shut down in most countries for copyright issues. Read More

Sites like H33T?

There are literally hundreds of websites like H33T possible thousands however most of the well-known sites have also been blocked you can find a List of sites like H33T here however it’s not clear if these sites are legal or illegal so make sure you do your homework before visiting any of these websites. Read More

H33T Proxies?

We have noticed a number of different websites popping up each day pretending to be so-called H33T proxy websites but in most cases this is not true in fact most of these sites are fake H33T websites which install malware and adware on the user’s computer. Read More

Is H33T Gone For Good?

Yes it looks that way however in the past sites like H33T have won court battles and gone back online but the chances of this happening are quite slim. In the meantime you can find legal alternatives to watching and downloading your favorite music and movies here.

Why Did They Block H33T?

H33T had a huge number of copyright torrent links on the website for this reason they classed H33T as enabling online piracy and the BPI demanding internet service providers to block the domain from being accessed this is why you get the message from your ISP that you are no longer allowed to view this website. It’s not just H33T lots more popular websites have begun being blocked and as time goes by you will notice this more often. Read More

Can I Use Movie2k Instead?

Yes for those that follow our website on twitter you probably already know that we are in the process of setting up a brand new website called movie2k. The site is not yet complete but there is a good selection of movie links for you to use right now however if you wait just a few more weeks the movie2k website will be 100% complete. Contact us on twitter or Facebook for more information on our new website.

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